Future millionaires: Three Black teenagers, 16 & 17 years old, entrepreneurs taking over Houston streetwear

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The Vision

Welcome to the Dice Crew! We are three young visionaries with the goal to bring a new wave of style to the Houston culture.  Meet the masterminds behind Dice, Jaylon (Jaytreal), David (Dee-loc), Jlon (jiggy). Even though the video gave a quick overview of what we’re all about,  I’m going to give  a little more insight  into our vision:

Although we established Dice in February 2018, the takeover began all the way back in the summer of 2017. It all started with a late night discussion session with the guys. We were all in my car having a good ole fashion “grand am talk”, as we use to call it.  As junior year approached us, we had no choice but to talk and think about what the future held for us. That night David, the designer behind all products, made it clear to Jlon and I that he wanted to start a  clothing line.  We talked and we talked until we decided to run with it. We wouldn’t just be any clothing brand though we would be one to inspire a generation. To inspire that generation to do one thing: To Take chances. With that mission in mind, the name Dice was born. We want Dice to not only be a piece of clothing but to be a symbol of strength. A strength that will help our generation take that leap, that risk, that jump to the other side, because until you have taken the risk then you haven’t really been living anyway. That’s why in every piece of merchandise we take a risk in our design to hopefully get our peers alongside us to take chances in life as we are in the fashion industry.

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