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Crazy: Jay Z salutes Sauce Walka

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Not getting nominated for a Grammy sucks but I’d imagine for a independent artist like Houston’s Sauce Walka, making hip hop legend Jay-Z’s favorite songs of 2018, Tidal playlist is the next best thing. 

December 10th 2018 Jay Z’s playlist, tittled “ JAY-Z’s Year End Picks” included major names like Jay- Z (duh), Drake, Kanye, Pusha T, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne. Other big mentions included Lil Baby, Gunna and Meek M ill and more. Therefore you can imagine what it felt like, or even what it means for Houston’s own Sauce Walka to be mentioned! 

The Houston rap politics are all over the place right now because they are really affected by what happens in the street but this is major. Hip hop heads all over the world will not only jam that entire playlist to analyze Jay Z’s taste, relate to Jay or even just to be nosey but i promise they will research that list too. I know I’d look up mix-tapes other albums, features and everything else. 

Crazy part is, this is major for more than just Walka. This is major for other artist who have featured on Walkas projects too. Therefore I think the city owes Sauce Walka a salute, like the big homie @Slimthug aka #SDS. Let’s step away from the streets one time, just to say “we are proud of you blood” (because of Sauce Walka’s affiliation to the bloods)  without set trippin! 




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