Exclusive: Murder on his mind!

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I know this will sound crazy given the lyrics to this song but…. this is Kin Kin’s, my 8 year old sons favorite song at the moment! My boys are Youtubers (they actually have a their own channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPix2O-cfn_hWjKQx7k8dCw ) like most 8 year olds, nowadays. Therefore they spend hella time on YouTube and are exposed to music that will probably never touch your local radio station.


This song entitled “Murder on my Mind” by YNW Melly is honestly hot to me! The melody is catchy and the lyrics are bomb in my opinion. I know it’s kind of graphic for a 8 year old but what I really think about that is honestly a whole other blog!


Check oh YNW Melly’s Breakdown of the lyrics and let me know what you think. Should I continue to let K3 listen to this song? Would your 8 year old be allowed to jam this joint? Comment below and tell me exactly what you think.


Before you comment watch the video like 60mil + other viewers.



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