Open discussion: why do white men care more about their women than black men?

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Yet another Facebook post. Now we gotta talk ladies! Do you see this shit?! Do you? Ladies and gents we have to stop generalizing the world based on our own experiences. Just because the black men you date believe in 50/50 doesn’t mean we all do. Just because the white man you’re dating is good at providing and caring for you doesn’t mean they all will be good at it.

Besides, properly loving and caring for someone is not a race thing anyway. Although the way you learn to care for someone can be affected by socioeconomic circumstances while growing up and that is definitely a race thing. Let me explain, first off white men in America see women, especially black women as property. Almost like a sports car, so the same way they take care of their car they take care of their women. That was a general statement but let me say that I know it doesn’t mean every white man is the same. Just think about the socioeconomic circumstances that white men created for themselves from the very beginning compared to Black men.

Black men in America started off as property along side of their women, not able to provide, care for or even protect her. Years and years later the white supremacy that created slavery started government enforcement to remove the black man from the black family. What kind of enforcement you say? For one, section 8 housing, where the man can’t live in the house with his family. Second, “The War on Drugs”and mass incarceration that seems to only affect people of color.

Enough about that, let me just answer the question from my experience. For one, I’m married and so are 6/10 of my best friends and brothers. I would never expect my wife to be down for anything negative. I assume we are talking about criminal activity and that’s nothing I’ll even indulge in. Lastly, black men aren’t the ones demanding 50/50, strong independent feminist are the ones to blame for that!

Long story straight, there are men in the world of all colors that are willing and capable of providing and loving their women without expecting a woman to contribute financially. On the other hand, there are men who require a woman to pay her own way. Either way I think a woman should be fully capable of financially maintaining herself. I feel like she should want to be able to financially take care of herself.

Almost forgot, I’d die before I didn’t take care of my kids and even if I did die, my life insurance will take good care of my children!


I wonder if this is an example of white man treat their women… Like property I’m telling you.

This is absolutely ABSURD! I want to say I’m completely SHOCKED but sadly this is the America we live in. As a woman,…

Posted by Paige Hubbard on Saturday, December 22, 2018

I like long pillow talk conversations with my wife, on mondays and thursdays! Little league football is more exciting to me than the NFL. I own my own business and I love pineapples………..

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