6 things an 80’s baby can’t live without!

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Bottle water

I remember as a kid, we drank water on the go from water fountains not bottles. In fact all I can remember up until I was about 11 or twelve was being able to buy gallons of water and I only remember Sparkletts and Ozarka. Times have changed so much, my children wouldn’t dare drink out of a water fountain, let alone tap water. They have to have core water. Lol.






Smart phones

The first cellular phone I can remember was the one Zack Morris had on Saved by the bell. Now, I can’t live without my iPhone 8. 

Google maps

Do you remember having to print out directions from mapquest before you went anywhere. Thanks to bottled water and smart phones, lol, I wish someone would hand me mapquest instructions! Tuh!

Laptop computers

When I was in college a dell laptop was $600 that a broke college kid like myself didn’t have. You can only imagine how many hours I spent at school after class trying to get my work done. Majority students on my college campus lived without laptops and excelled. But now, the high schools in Houston are giving those same $600 (2004-2009 price) laptops to the students with just a signature. 

Gym memberships 

24 hour fitness, LA fitness, planet fitness and fitness connection are all gym memberships and in this day in age you can’t live without one. Not only can you get a good workout in for $30 per month but the gym is where all of the ig models and strippers hang out. Growing up, my parents workout was walking around the block. 

Social media  

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and etc are all  social media accounts that you have to have in this day in age. Growing up AOL was the closest my parents had to an instagram. 

All of these things are things that I think shows us exactly how the world has changed. We are dying for things that at one point weren’t even important or even in existence. We are spending money on things we don’t need in order to keep up with a standard that society has set. Not me, not anymore! 

I like long pillow talk conversations with my wife, on mondays and thursdays! Little league football is more exciting to me than the NFL. I own my own business and I love pineapples………..

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