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10 Things every husband should know

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10 things every husband should know

  1. Always buy extra food for yourself because no matter what you buy her, she’s going to want some of yours! 
  2. On the way home from anywhere, always call to make sure the wife doesn’t need or want anything before you make it home. I had to learn this because baby would send me to the store and then ask me why I didn’t stop by the store before coming home from the store. Smh, I know! 
  3. Never use her towel! Never ever. As much as It’s just a towel to you, to her it’s a feminine hygiene product. 
  4. Give her sex when she wants it. No explanation needed. 
  5. Whenever in doubt take her for tacos but not for the tacos. Take her for the margaritas! A girl can never say no to a bomb ass watermelon, strawberry or even patron margarita. The only thing better than her favorite fruit margarita is her favorite fruit margarita mixed with champagne! Still in doubt? Give Gringo’s Tex Mex a visit and order her the The Sparkler! They say, “diamonds are a girls best friend” but let me ask, who really has only one best friend? I’m sure margaritas are the best friend with no filter, full of curse words  and a hot tail. Lol. 
  6. Rub her feet everyday! You won’t ever get a thank you but what you will get is peace and quiet. It won’t start that way but if you rub those feet long enough and just listen to her day, eventually she’ll be so relaxed she’ll talk herself to sleep.
  7. Remember the names of everyone she works with. Failure to do so will prove that you never listen! You don’t have know exactly who they are but if you at least remember their names you can always ask, “who Nikki?!” To act like you were listening. Lol. 
  8. Always tell her that your date starts an hour earlier than it actually does if you value being on time. The only two things most women are on time for is their job, they don’t play about their money, and court, they not up for that jail shit.  Lol
  9. Always stand stiff on your word. Don’t let up for that lil piece of pussy she’s trying to apologize with. Fact is, she’s not giving you the cootie because she sorry and feeling bad. She’s giving you the cootie because women are ALWAYS horny! They are way hornier than us. 
  10. Don’t listen to any of the above, I just wanted to tell my wife some of the shit she taught me without talking to her! Lol. Do what works for you my G! Really though, no two marriages are the same. What works for me, your friends or even your parents may not work for you. 

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I like long pillow talk conversations with my wife, on mondays and thursdays! Little league football is more exciting to me than the NFL. I own my own business and I love pineapples………..

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