10 things a wife should know

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10 things a wife should know

  1. We order just enough food to fill us up. We buy you what you like to eat so eat it. If you ask for some of our food, of course we will give you some but 9/10 times we sacrifice our fulfillment so you all can be happy. Lastly we don’t understand why y’all always want our food. 
  2. Sex is not a gift. Stop cheating us with that cooch! We love it, we do but we like gifts too, even on Valentine’s Day! 
  3. We hate conversations that start with “we have to talk”. Good or bad the next 43 seconds after you say “we have to talk” is just a feeling we do not enjoy! 
  4. Stop telling us about the random men in the grocery store, at the galleria, or at whatever restaurant you went to on lunch, who gave you a compliment. We can careless about dude making you smile by telling you the same sh*t we’ve always told you. 
  5. Please don’t ask us who cooks our favorite meal better between you or our mom. Both are good but mom has trained our taste buds so she wins. We don’t want to say it. Instead focus on cooking our favorite meal of yours! 
  6. Random ass slaps are only good when it’s our hand on your ass. Anything else is just weird. 
  7. It’s okay to be on time sometimes. If we tell you to be ready at a certain time, that doesn’t mean start getting ready at that time. It means BE READY 20 minutes before the time. Xoxo 
  8. We do not want to hear about your “work husband”. Every time we hear that title we imagine a battle in our heads that is similar to the movie 300. This is Sparta and you are the wife of Sparta! Period. 
  9. You are the most beautiful woman on the plant to your husband but…… he’s not blind. Give him a break. 
  10. Your husband wants to spend the rest of his life with you and he plans too. Although, even someone with life in prison gets at least an hour per day for recreation, let him play with his friends in peace. 

This is Sparta

This is an example of how trained our mothers have us 😂😂


I like long pillow talk conversations with my wife, on mondays and thursdays! Little league football is more exciting to me than the NFL. I own my own business and I love pineapples………..

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