We love going to the movies!

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Chum looking fresh in his all black at the movies after watching Aquaman.

Fandango is the only place to order your movie tickets! My family and I are huge movie goers so I use fandango religiously. I absolutely love it. 

My boys and I just left AMC Loews Fountains 18 after watching Aquaman. The movie was great and so were the Redvines and large coke that I had. By the way Redvines are 10x better than Twizzlers. Twizzlers taste like plastic, ugh, I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy them and call it licorice!

Anyway, after walking out our movie I noticed all the people standing in line trying to purchase tickets and even disappointment on some faces because their movie choice was sold out. Here’s my suggestion, download fandango and purchase your tickets in advance. Not only does it save time but you’re almost always guaranteed a seat. You even get to reserve your seat at most theaters. Although reserving your seat isn’t a fandango specific perk, if you select a theater that has reserve seating then you get first dibs! 

Not only that, if you’re AMC member like me, you can link your stubs card membership to Fandango and take advantage of your Stubbs awards and perks too! Another cool advantage is owing able to purchase tickets and send them to friends! I’ve done movie ticket giveaways and everything because of the convenience fandango provides me. 

Yea this wasn’t the coolest blog but I don’t care. I really just love Fandango so much I had to tell my peeps! 

Check out out all of the movies the fam and I have seen since October….



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