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Forget about cutting people off and focus on you

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It’s the time of the year where majority of the world is preparing their New Years resolutions! Have you prepared yours yet? New Years resolutions are to get you refocused on life’s goals and back on track. Your resolutions should include small things that are easy to accomplish mixed in with somethings you think you’ll never accomplish. Reason being, you can accomplish everything you truly give your all too! Do me a favor, don’t hold back on your resolutions, resolve them! 

When it comes to social media, this is also the time of the year when majority of users announce that they will begin deleting friends. In other words a lot of you won’t make into 2019 with some of the people you dealt with in 2018. That’s fine! That’s God’s plan. That’s what I really want to talk about. Gods plan. 

I want to challenge those connected to me to focus more on yourself! Forget about cutting people off and focus on YOU. Understand that your life is YOUR life and when you focus on who to cut out of your life, your energy is being wasted. It’s time to stop wasting that energy and apply it to you, you are Gods plan for you. 

When you take the time to evaluate the people in your life and whether or not they should go into 2019 with you, you are evaluating the wrong people.  The only people you should be evaluating is you, yourself and you! For example, you may have a friend who gossips too much, a friend who barrows too much and a friend whom you only speak to when you initiate contact, we all have them. Instead of cutting them off, focus on yourself and allow them to cut themselves off! 

Did I confuse you? Well let me explain how to refocus that energy.  For the friend who gossips too much, ask yourself why are you lending an ear to his/her gossip. Instead of blaming him/her, stop answering the phone, text and or door. Focus on you! Instead, read a book or even write one and eventually that friend will cut his or herself off because you don’t have the time to listen to the gossip.  For the borrowing ass friend, simply start saying no! Focus on the overload that God is placing in your reach and that borrowing ass friend will cut his or herself off ecause you are no longer the one to barrow from. Am I beginning to make sense? Now for that friend you always have to initiate communication with, simply stop initiating everything. Eventually, you guessed it, that person will cut themselves off! 

Refocusing that energy puts the focus on you and not the other person. Cutting someone off puts the focus on them. Ask yourself what makes you happy, what makes you smile and what calms your spirit and do more of that in 2019. Worry not about anyone else. 

Word from my OG

“Energy is real. I seen it move. U are supposed to walk into every situation exuding the energy u want to  receive”.

Refocus that energy on yourself and practice giving off the energy you want to receive. That’s it. Now make sure to check in on this post once a month to let me know how 2019 is going for you!


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