Here’s a cool way for your kid to earn extra cash. My 6 year old made $300 in 2 months

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Here’s a cool way for your kid to earn extra cash. My 6 year old made $300 in 2 months. 

Since the age of 4 my youngest son who’s now 6 has been begging to be a YouTuber. He loves CJ So Cool, that is his favorite YouTuber  and channel. I never really gave him a chance until May of 2018. 

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In May, the end of school was approaching and I wanted him to do something productive and that’s when it hit me! Insert the light bulb sound and effect here. Lol. I decided to buy him a camera and let him have at it. Long story short, I quickly found out he didn’t know how to record correctly and spent the whole summer recording him instead. Bummer was my first reaction but after watching him through the camera I learned so much about him and his brothers that it grew on me. The whole summer was real “dad moment” for me. 

Not only did I learn he loves to draw, I learned that he could actually draw for real! Of course his drawings are still child like but as a 32 year old man without the kids imagination, I could actually make out his drawings and know what his vision was while looking at them. Trying to surprise him with some custom “merch” as he would call it, youtube verbiage for merchandise, I found more than what I was looking for. 

That’s when I stumbled upon a way for him to make money! I stumbled upon and is a drop shipping site where you can upload your designs on a select number of items like T-shirt’s, backpacks, tote bags, pillows and more. This site handles the printing and shipping directly to your customers. Wow! I know. M4d3custom specializes in footwear. Like printful, you upload your designs with limited customizable options you can create a special and unique piece of merch but you have to ship to your customers.

Printful is even more awesome because you can integrate with your site and take orders directly from your site without having to hassle with shipping and keeping inventory. Again, wow! I know. 

The only minus with both of these sites is that the products are somewhat expensive after you add your mark up to them, meaning they make the bulk of the sale. If you ask me,  it’s cool because they have to do everything besides make the sell and with the right mark up, everyone wins. 

In just two months last year, my son made $300. Isn’t that cool? I literally take his drawings and turn them into deposits into his savings account! Check out some below. 


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